My work is currently sold online at the handmade marketplace, etsy, and in stores nationwide. Here is a link to my BethNouveau and DystructionDesigns shops.

If you desire an item you saw on a friend or in stores that you don’t see in my online shop, feel free to send me an email and we can possibly set up a custom order. My work is fully customizable to your needs. A full list of customizations for my items is found here. A FAQ page about my work containing warranty information can be found here.

Most of my current work is featured in my gallery, but I can sometimes make discontinued items.

My work has been previously sold at:

Green Mother Goods Boone, NC
Pinupgirl! Cosmetics Atlanta, GA
AdornaBella San Francisco, CA
Plain Wayne and Jane Boutique Golden, BC
A. Michele Boutique St. Paul, MN
Keepitfly Productions Detroit, MI
White Rabbit Gallery Iowa City, IA
Simply Silver Louisville, KY
The Mood Swing Simpsonville, SC
Kiawah Island Golf Resort Kaiwah Island, SC

My work is sold in the Anusara Yoga boutique at Wanderlust Festival in locations around the US.

My jewelry has also been featured at festivals around the country by Brittany Johnson, owner of Yoga Bindis.

I have also personally sold my work at art and music festivals all over the US for the past three years.