My Current Work

The designs shown above feature feature feathers from multiple sources, and I cannot always guarantee the source of the feathers. For your convenience, I have created a gallery of all my cruelty free designs below.

Cruelty Free Designs

The designs shown below are guaranteed cruelty free. Feathers are sourced from pet birds or birds just used for egg laying (not meat production). I also use faux suede instead of real suede, so no animals were harmed period to make any of these items.

For the names of my items, just hold your mouse over the image, and the name of each piece should appear. Many of the items on this page were photographed by my friend Sea Jae. Items are for sale in my etsy shop. I frequently discontinue items on etsy if they don’t sell well, but I can always create anything on this page for you, even if it is no longer for sale on etsy. My work is fully customizable to your needs. A full list of customizations for my items is found here. A FAQ page about my work containing warranty information can be found here.

If you already own a piece of my work, feel free to email me with a photo of you to add to the gallery!