I have been selling on the etsy marketplace since 2007 in my original shop, dystructiondesigns. I love designing handknits and jewelry and crafting handmade soap and hula hoops. A FAQ page about my work containing warranty information can be found here.

Since I was small I have been obsessed with a small handful of things: art, photography, travel, music, and the environment. When I was eight, my mother taught me to knit and sew. The knitting didn’t quite take at that point, but I was sewing my own stuffed animals by age 10. My mother’s grandmother was of Cherokee heritage and I can also trace Cherokee on my dad’s side of the family as well. This has heavily influenced my jewelry, which often gravitates towards Native American themes. I picked up knitting again later, and it has remained a top obsession of mine. I began hula hooping in 2008 and have been hooked since.

I grew up in an idyllic setting on my family’s lake. Memories of the lake beach at night with music drifting over the water, mysterious sounds in the forest surrounding our home, and the peeping of frogs in the springtime have shaped my adult life. I still seek this sort of magic today through my art.

I am also interested in repurposing objects, working with clay and polymer clay, photography and printmaking, painting, recycled clothing, papercraft, and candlemaking to name a few. In the future I would love to spin my own yarn, make lampwork beads, and assemble mosaics. My multifaceted approach to art has made me a bit of a jack of all trades. I’m frequently frustrated by my need to master everything.

My artistic influences are the art nouveau movement, including the works of Alphonse Mucha. I also adore Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, and Audrey Kawasaki. I am also inspired by Japanese art, kawaii, and manga.

When I’m not obsessing about art and crafting, or working on my PhD in marine biotechnology, I’m an avid hiker and backpacker, environmentalist, runner, and yogini. I have collies, cats (one of which is a crazy siamese), a saltwater reef tank and an emerald tree boa as well. I love music and I’m obsessed with live shows and festivals.

Thanks for your interest in my art!